Ski classes and ski initiation course

Ski and snowboard classes for all ages, both for children and adults, and for all skill levels.

Snow activities

We offer skiing activities, snowboarding, snow garden, and snowshoeing…

Snow garden, weekly courses, and youth packages.

We offer a diverse range of activities and tailor our services to all types of clients and proposals.

ESPORTEC – Official Ski School in Port del Comte

We have been working at the Port del Comte ski resort for over 15 years.

Through our official ski school, the Escola d’esquí Prepirineu we offer private lessons and short courses in alpine skiing and snowboarding.

We also provide ski baptisms and a supervised children’s playground within the snowy garden area of the Pre-Pyrenean resort.

Additionally, we offer other services such as dualski and snowbike rentals.

We also organize snowshoe outings for groups to explore the magnificent natural surroundings offered by the Port del Comte mountain range.

Come and enjoy winter with a variety of snow activities at the Port del Comte ski resort: alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skiing courses for all ages, a snow garden for the little ones, snowbike rentals, dualski… Ski and snowboarding lessons for families, beginners, and experts.
We are one of the official ski schools of the Port del Comte ski resort.

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Port del Comte

Port del Comte, located in the Pre-Pyrenees, is the southernmost ski resort in Catalonia. It encompasses 50 kilometers of skiable terrain in the highest part of the Solsonès region. You can reach this area within just a 2-hour drive from anywhere in Catalonia.

Since 2009, we have been offering our ski and snowboard classes and courses for both individuals and groups at this mountain resort. We manage the Snow Garden within the resort, which is ideal for introducing the little ones to skiing. Additionally, we have our own accommodation, the Mirador de Port del Comte Hostel, situated right within the resort premises. In this marvelous corner of the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, we also provide dualski, an adapted form of skiing for people with functional diversity.

At the Escola d’esquí Prepirineu, we offer private lessons for 1 to 4 people. These classes cater to beginners, intermediate skiers, and even those with advanced skills.

Regarding the ski courses, we offer three options: 5 or 10 consecutive days, or a 3-hour course (1 day). Students learn in small groups of 4 to 7 skiers, ensuring effective learning.

The Snow Garden operates in three sessions, each lasting 2 hours. Aspiring skiers are in a closed area with their own conveyor belt. Equipment is included in the service. So within these 2 hours, beginners can start skiing without the need to rent equipment or purchase lift passes. The ski baptism sessions are scheduled at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 3:30 PM..

Port del Comte ski resort boasts a spacious beginners’ area, suitable for all types of skiers, whether they are beginners or intermediates It features 2 conveyor belts and 4 surface lifts, allowing everyone to enjoy skiing under the guidance of the professionals at the Escola d’esquí Prepirineu.

You will find us in

Port del Comte

Estació d’esquí Port del Comte, Carr. a Pistes, s/n, 25284 Port del Comte, Lleida

We open according to the ski resort calendar.

Prepirineu Ski School: Snow activities, private lessons, and short courses in alpine skiing and snowboarding. Snow garden for the little ones, snowshoe excursions, dualski classes, and snowbike rentals. All services in one place. Guided by the best qualified sports technical staff.

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