Snowshoeing in Port del Comte

Snowshoeing in Port del Comte

Enjoy the winter and the snow in a more relaxed way! You can even go up with the ski-lift to save the downhill! 

All guided snowshoeing excursions need to booked for at least 5 persons. CHOOSE YOURS!

Basic Excursion

Mirador Excursion

Prepirineu Excursion

3 hours 3 hours 5-6 hours
Excursion around the area, leaving from the base of the resort. We will take the Querol ski-lift up to 2.110 m of altitude. From here, we will take a trip with breathtaking views! This is your excursion if you are looking for a day trip. From the base of the station we will reach the highest peaks in the area.
33€/person 42€/person 54€/person

All prices include snowshoes and poles rental, guide, accident insurance and pictures of the excursion. 

Special prices for groups of more than 15 people.

From: 33,00

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