Private lessons in Port del Comte

Private lessons in Port del Comte

Book the day and hour and have a ski or snowboard instructor for your own. 

The most personalized option where you will learn the most.

Divided into two price ranges, depending on the number of students for instructor. 

The minimum time of a class is 1 hour and you can book fractions of 30 minutes on top of the hour. The price is proportional to the 1 hour price.

weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 15:00 h
working days and holidays from 9:00 to 10:00 h and from 15:00 h
1 student 1h 44€/student 42€/student
2 students 1h 25€/student 23€/student
3 students 1h 20€/student 19€/student
4 students 1h 20€/student
(4th student free)
(4th student free)
*All prices include VAT and correspondent insurances.

Bookings are valid up to 45 minutes before the beginning of the class. If any news are not received, the company will not be responsible for holding the booking. 

If you are a group (+20 persons), do not hesitate to contact us directly! We can arrange material renting and forfaits, apart from having special conditions in the prices of the classes!

From: 44,00

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  • Tots els preus estan subjectes a canvis sense previ avís
  • Si la reserva es fa a través d'un tercer (agència de viatges, ...) imprescindible presentar el val en paper a l'arribada a la recepció del centre d'activitats
  • Per poder abonar una activitat s'ha d'anul·lar com a mínim 24 hores abans de realitzar-la
  • No es faran devolucions en cas de no presentar-se a l'activitat

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