Kids Ski School in Port del Comte

Kids Ski School in Port del Comte

Service for kids between 4 and 9 years old, with two options: guarded children park (XiquiPort) or Ski initiation class. 

The best option to have the first contact with the snow… and for those parents who also want to ski. 

The Kids Ski School is a delimited space separated from the rest of the slopes and lifts of the resort, ideal to start skiing safely, as the downhill is soft. It has an outdoor area equipped with a magic carpet and playful and educational material so the kids can have fun while learning. It also has an indoor area attended and supervised by qualified personnel. 

It is an ideal area for kids who want to start skiing, as well as for veteran skiers who can’t take care of their children while going into the best slopes of the resort. 

The following services are offered:

Ski initiation class

Kids between 4 and 9 years old
  • Collective initiation ski class 
  • Length: 2 h (total length of the service, not the ski class) 
  • Includes ski equipment (skis, boots and helmet) 
  • Skipass not needed
Morning shift 10:00-12:00 h 42€
Midday shift 12:00-14:00 h 42€
Afternoon shift 14:30-16:30 h 35€



Kids over 30 months old (without nappies)
  • Guarded children park 
  • Indoor area with heating and multiple games and entertainments 
  • Outdoor activities
2 hours service 30€
For each extra hour 12€
Afternoon service 14:30-16:30 h 20€

Halfday Pack

2 h of Ski initiation class + 2 h of XiquiPort 55€

From: 30,00

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