Paddle Surf Costa Daurada guided tour

What is Paddle Surfing?

Paddle Surfing is a variant of surfing in which we slide into the water standing on a large board and with the help of a paddle.

This fun sport modality has become popular on our beaches in the last 10 years, becoming an aquatic activity suitable for all audiences.

What is the activity about?

It is an exciting half-day Paddle Surf guided tour along the Costa Daurada.

We will start on the beach, where we will do a short briefing to learn about the different parts of the material to use.

We will tell the short but very interesting history of Paddle Surfing. We will also talk about the safety aspects that we must take into account for the route.

Finally, we will load the necessary material with waterproof boats and we will tie it to the Paddle surf before entering the sea.

With the help of the snorkel kit, we will observe the seabed and the irregularities that the sea draws on the coast. For us, the coast that borders the beaches of Tamarit and La Mora are the most beautiful areas of the Tarragona coast.

In some cases we will visit caves, where we can enter with the Paddle Surf board. We will also visit small beaches and stop at one of them to rest and gain strength again to face the return to the starting point.

It will always be a circular route of the duration that you decide (3 or 6 hours).

It is therefore a refreshing and adventurous activity ideal for groups of a minimum of four people. With the security and guarantee of always being accompanied by a sports technician who knows the area.


From any of the two nautical bases that we have installed on the Costa Daurada, all of them on magnificent beaches to enjoy the sea and water activities in a natural environment of great beauty.

LA MORA: Platja de La Mora S/N (Tarragona)

TAMARIT: Platja de Tamarit S/N (Tarragona)

Choose the one you like!

Last details

We will enjoy an exciting half-day guided route along the Costa Dorada in Paddle Surf.

You choose the starting point, the route and the duration.

We will make stops at the beaches.

Duration: 3 or 6 hours (to choose)

It is necessary to agree the start time with us.

Price: €40 (minimum 4 pax)

Children under 6 years free. Groups of more than 11 people, 10% discount.

Let's go?

Half-day guided route along the Costa Dorada in Paddle Surf. We will visit caves and small coves.

From: 40,00

Each adult reservation authorizes a free child.

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