Adventure park in Bàscara
In the Bàscara Adventure Park you can do all kinds of adventure activities always with the supervision and advice of our sports technicians.


Delve into the adventure circuits of different levels, jump down the zip lines, practice your aim with the archery activity, try our mountain scooters, dare with an orienteering activity and paddle a kayak on the Fluvià river, all in a single day of adventure!

Combine the activities as you like throughout a whole morning or a whole afternoon and release the adrenaline in a safe and exuberant natural environment.

Live an unforgettable day of adventure in the Alt Empordà!


  • Minimum group of 4 people
  • The minimum required age is 6 years old
  • Children under 12 must always be accompanied by an adult
  • All activities are carried out in the nature and are adapted to the level you need. They include a sports technician, safety equipment and insurance.
  • Once the activity has begun, ESPORTEC OUTDOOR SPORT reserves the right to close or stop the activity if it deems it appropriate due to bad weather or adverse conditions, with no refund
  • Online sale: 48 hours in advance.


This multi-adventure activity is ideal for families, groups of friends, bachelor parties, birthday parties... also for school groups, training courses and companies (teambuilding)




Our adventure park is located next to the Molí Nou de Calabuig country house, near Bàscara (Alt Empordà, Girona)

  • ADVENTURE DAY – Morning or Afternoon (5 hours long)


The adventure day in Bàscara allows you to carry out all the activities of the park: adventure circuits, zip lines, archery, mountain scooters, orienteering, kayaking…

Combine the activities as you like throughout the whole MORNING (between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.) or the whole AFTERNOON (between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.)



  • € 35 adults
  • € 30 Under 12

From: 30,00

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  • Un cop hagueu fet la reserva ens posarem en contacte amb vosaltres per telèfon per acabar de donar-vos les indicacions que facin falta i poder resoldre els vostres dubtes. També ens podeu trucar, escriure per email o Whatsapp. Totes les activitats us les adaptarem a les vostres necessitats sense cap problema.
  • Tots els preus estan subjectes a canvis sense previ avís.
  • Si la reserva es fa a través d'un tercer (agència de viatges, ...) imprescindible presentar el val en paper a l'arribada a la recepció del centre d'activitats.
  • Per poder abonar una activitat s'ha d'anul·lar com a mínim 24 hores abans de realitzar-la
  • No es faran devolucions en cas de no presentar-se a l'activitat.
  • Exclusiu Activitats de Mar Aventura i Espai Aventura: Un cop començada l’activitat ESPORTEC OUTDOOR SPORT es reserva el dret tancar o aturar el lloguer si així ho creu oportú per mal temps o mala mar, en aquest cas, no es retornarà cap import.
  • Exclusiu Activitats de Mar Aventura: Els menors d’edat hauran d’anar sempre acompanyats d’un major d’edat.
  • Exclusiu Activitats Espai Aventura: L’edat mínima per fer alguna activitat és de 6 anys.
  • Exclusiu Activitats Espai Aventura: A través de venda online cal comprar-ho amb 48h d’antelació.

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